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Criminal Lawyer

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As a criminal lawyer, Neil B. Checkman will work diligently to fight for your rights when serious charges have been filed against you.

White Collar Crimes

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Attorney Neil B. Checkman can use his vast knowledge of white collar crime defense and prosecution strategies to guard you from charges of what the...

Federal Criminal Defense

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If you are considering hiring a regular criminal lawyer to defend you against federal criminal allegations, you need to reconsider.


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Criminal lawyer Neil B. Checkman is an experienced professional with over 39 years of experience regarding criminal law, specifically in the criminal cases and investigations within the City and State courts of New York and all of the Federal Courts. Because of the knowledge of federal criminal defense strategies he has gained during this time, his services are unsurpassed in the New York City area.

You have enough to worry about, so let Mr. Checkman handle all of the legal details of your case. Call us today at (212) 264-9940!

Mr. Checkman was once a federal and state white collar crime prosecutor. Years of interaction and experience with law enforcement authorities have been instrumental to his journey as a criminal defense attorney. Those well-spent years have given him the invaluable tools and hands-on skills needed to defend against serious allegations which include:

• Insider Trading
• Stock Market Manipulation
• Mortgage Fraud
• Wire Fraud
• Bank Fraud

Mr. Checkman can be trusted to expertly defend you tirelessly when you have been accused of a white collar crime. Tell him about your case during a free consultation in his convenient Manhattan office in New York City, which is close to all trains.