Federal Criminal Defense

Federal Criminal Defense

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If you are considering hiring a regular criminal lawyer to defend you against federal criminal allegations, you need to reconsider. Federal criminal defense cases are generally more difficult for regular criminal lawyers to defend, because the United States Attorney General’s office can devote more resources and time to prosecute a case. Federal prosecutors generally have more academic credentials than state prosecutors as well. What if you could hire a federal criminal defense lawyer who has had experience as a federal prosecutor as well?

The Experience You Can Trust

Thankfully, you do have that option. Federal criminal defense lawyer Neil B. Checkman has had experience as a federal and state prosecutor. His extensive experience has made him one of the premier federal criminal defense lawyers in the state of New York, and he can defend you against white collar crime allegations and other federal crimes.

Even if you are not quite sure why you are being contacted by federal authorities, Mr. Checkman can help you determine why you are being approached and the purpose and nature of the federal investigation. He can give you knowledgeable advice about what your next actions should be and what appropriate measures to take to protect yourself. If charges are filed against you, you will be grateful to have Mr. Checkman on your side.

The Difference From Federal & State

Remember that the Federal Courts operate a little differently than how State Courts operate. You need a federal criminal defense lawyer that understands these differences from the perspectives of the prosecution, too. Mr. Checkman offers free consultations by appointment in his NYC office, so it is in your best interest to contact him right away about your federal criminal defense issues.