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Criminal lawyer Neil B. Checkman is an expert in federal criminal defense cases. For over 39 years, Mr. Checkman has served as a prosecutor and a criminal lawyer. These practices have given him valuable experience and knowledge that is unsurpassed by other white collar criminal lawyers. He is rated AV by Martindale-Hubbell, which is a significant rating that indicates that his peers and colleagues have ranked him at the peak of professional service.

His legal career started with The Legal Aid Society of the City of New York as a criminal lawyer. After over a decade, he became a Special Assistant United States Attorney and Senior Special Assistant Attorney General, both of which have given him a hands-on understanding of white collar crimes. Eventually, Mr. Checkman returned to defending his clients in his own private practice. As a result of his lengthy professional experiences he has expertise in defending cases.

Such As:

• Gun Possession
• Book-making and Other Gambling Offenses
• Loan-sharking
• Extortion
• Robbery
• Drug Possession
• Narcotics Importation and Distribution
• Drug Trafficking
• Domestic Violence
• Assault
• Manslaughter
• Murder

If you’re currently in need of a superior federal criminal defense lawyer or a criminal lawyer that specializes in white collar crimes, don’t wait to contact Neil B. Checkman for a free consultation about your case. Please note that his consultations are by appointment only, and his office in New York City is conveniently located near all trains in the area.